market price for clams

market price for clams

While the average market price for clams is nearly US$4 per pound. The price of clams fluctuates daily, especially over time. As the time when people use the clams become more and more, the price of clam seems to rise up a lot.

Clam prices vary throughout the year.

Clams are a popular in seafood market and are often served in restaurants and at home. The price of clams varies depending on the season and where they are harvested. Clam prices also depend on their size.

During winter months, clam prices increase due to low supply and high demand. During this time, many restaurant menus feature clam dishes such as clam chowder or fried clams.

Clams are available year-round but their price can fluctuate depending on which region of the country they’re from. In addition to this, there are several factors that affect clam prices:

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The price of clams varies by type, grade and month with us

The price of clams varies by type, grade and month with us.

The prices are based on the supply and demand. If there is a high demand for a particular type of clam, the price will go up.

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As with any rare item, some vendors sell them very high while others will sell them at low prices. The market place is still very small and the number of clams listed at a given time fluctuates greatly, so there is no exact way to track the market price.



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