Scallops for sale

£900.00 / Ton


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Scallops for sale

Hey! We’ve got scallops for sale.

We know you’ve been waiting for this.

Scallops are tiny and adorable, with a mild flavor that makes them a great base for soups, stews and more. Scallops are also a great source of vitamin B12 and selenium—two nutrients that can help to boost your immune system and keep you healthy all season long.

They’re also delicious!

So come get some while they’re hot!

Scallops for sale

Our scallops are fresh, delicious and ready to be shipped to your door.

They come from the ocean and are caught by people who know how to catch them. It’s a very simple process that involves throwing a net into the water, pulling it out and seeing if there are any fish or shellfish in it. If there are then they eat them. If not then they throw it back in again until they find some more! You can do this too if you want but we suggest buying ours instead because ours taste better than what you’ll find in the ocean.

Shellfish Market

  • Hokkaido Scallops
  • peru-bay-scallops
  • Jersey Scallops
  • Japanese Wholesale Scallops

The shellfish market is a great place to get delicious seafood. They have a wide variety of different types of shellfish from the ocean. You can get oysters, clams, scallops and mussels. If you like fish this is also a great place to shop because they offer fresh fish that hasn’t been frozen or processed. They also have crab legs if you want some meat on your plate. The store has an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are at home in your kitchen cooking dinner with friends and family around you. It’s not only fun but also relaxing

At Seafood Planet, we are committed to providing the freshest, most delicious shellfish possible. Our mission is to provide you with a wide selection of shellfish that is sourced from the best fisheries in the world.

Hokkaido Scallops

Hokkaido Scallops are large, sweet scallops that are harvested from the Sea of Japan. The scallops are harvested at night and brought to market the next morning, so they’re always fresh.

The Hokkaido Scallop is a medium-sized scallop with an average weight of 1-1/2 pounds per shell. It has a natural sweetness and tenderness that make it ideal for grilling or sautéing. The meat also has a nice firm texture, making it great for steaming.

Hokkaido Scallops have a mild flavor that’s similar to other types of scallops, such as sea or bay scallops. They’re often used in ceviche and soups because their mild flavor works well with other ingredients without overpowering them.


Peru-bay scallops are native to the Atlantic coast of North America, but they’re also found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They’re a type of saltwater clam (called a bivalve) that can grow up to 4 inches long and live for up to 10 years!

These guys are pretty much the best thing ever: they taste like butter when they’re cooked and they’re really easy to prepare. You can eat them raw, but cooking them will make them taste even better—just throw them in a pan with some olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Once they start to open up (about 30 seconds), you’re done!

Peru-bay scallops are usually eaten raw or steamed as an appetizer or side dish, but we love them grilled or fried too. You can serve them with some lemon juice or lemon wedges on top for extra flavor!

Jersey Scallops

Jersey scallops are a delicious and nutritious alternative to the standard chicken breast.

They’re also a great way to get some more protein into your diet—without having to eat meat, if you’re not into that.

They’re also low in calories and fat, so you can go ahead and have one or two more scallops if you want!

Japanese Wholesale Scallops

Japanese scallops are the best quality on the market, and we’ve got a wide selection of them for you to choose from. We ship directly from Japan, so you know they’re fresh, and we can get them to you quickly so you never have to worry about running out of your favorite scallop variety.