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Dried seahorse

£5,000.00 / Ton

 Sizes = 200-300 Pieces/kg..
– Packing= Bags x 10 kg. box.
– State: = Completely Dried ( 100%)

Dried seahorse

The caterpillar fungus, Ophiocordyceps sinensis, is the world’s most valuable parasite.

What is the spiritual meaning of seahorse?

If you’re wondering what the seahorse symbolism might be, now you know – it’s symbolic of magic, good luck, persistence, masculine power, strength, and peace.
These qualities lead the seahorse to become an important spirit animal when you need to count on it.
They are unique in appearance, with their horselike head, prehensile tail, independently moving eyes, and brood pouch.
They have long, tubular snouts and small, toothless mouths. Their bodies are covered with consecutive rings of bony plates.
More than half of captured seahorses end up dead, dried and sold internationally for use in traditional medicines thought to boost virility and even cure impotence.

We are suppliers of  Dried Seahorse and dried cucumber in the sale of high grade dried seahorse of all sizes and colors.

Ingesting too much of the supplement could be dangerous and lead to serious health issues.

Our dried sea horse has no chemicals, no dirt, sand or mud.

11 Seahorse Facts You Should Know
  • They have a big appetite.
  • They mate for life.
  • Male seahorses have babies!
  • Their tails are a valuable tool.
  • They have superb camouflage capabilities.
  • Their eyes work independently of one another.
  • Speaking of predators, they don’t have all that many.
  • They have unique identifying markings.
What is this? Despite there being very little flesh on a seahorse, you’ll still find them fried and stuck on a stick in Asian markets.

We export our dried seahorse to many countries around the world.

An authentic research work on the biomedical validation of seahorses proved that they have the ability to cure arthritis and its associated inflammation.

We can supply in all quantities.Dryness: 100%
Good quality
Shelf Life:     2 YEARS
Sizes: 150-200-300-400-500-600