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this is the main ingredient to make it soup that is widely used in Guangdong and Fujian provinces.

This special product has a rich umami flavor and unique texture. It is also a source of collagen, but unlike fresh maw it won’t have chewy texture because of drying process.


It has no fishy taste and absorbs the flavors of other ingredients.

Fish maw contains rich proteins and nutrients such as phosphor and calcium.

It is suitable for consumption by any age group of either gender and is a kind of therapeutic food.

The most important of all is that fish maw contains high viscosity gel protein and mucopolysaccharide which are important to lady’s skincare and capable of preserving fine complexion and invigorating blood circulation.

Many Chinese people believe that drinking fish maw soup and eating fish maw will improve their skin and, for pregnant women, the skin of their babies.

Furthermore, fish maw does not contain cholesterol and therefore it is a very valuable health enhancing ingredient suitable for long time consumption.

How to identify fake fish maw? 

Fake fish maw is common due to limited supply. Unethical businessmen use seafood such as squid, shark’s skin or head portion of fin soaked in hydrogen peroxide and sulphur followed by heat process to produce the imitations.

Also, it is common for substandard product to be disguised as top grade product. Unethical businessmen collect substandard, low value and broken fish maw and pour them into a special mold, gradually increase the thickness of the layers and add pressure.

The finished product will get similar thickness of real fish maw. There have been cases of using pig’s skin and chemical plastic to imitate fish maw although uncommon. Look out for the following when making fish maw purchase:
– Colour :  Real fish maw has golden yellow colour whereas fake fish maw has light and whitish yellow unnatural colour.
– Grain :  Real fish maw has natural grain whereas fake fish maw does not have obvious and orderly grain.
– Smell :  Real fish maw has light sea water smell whereas fake fish maw has none and may carry chemical or plastic smell.

It is therefore strongly advised to buy fish maw from reputable shops.

How to store dried fish maw?

Store in cool and shaded area or refrigerated.

How to prepare fish maw before cooking

Fish maw require pre-soaking before cooking. The soaking time will vary depending on the type of fish maw.

Premium fish maw :
– Soak fish maw in water for 12-18 hours until it soften.
– Change water from time to time and rinse with cool water to eliminate its fishy smell.
– Put ginger and shallot into a pot of fresh water and boil. Turn off the heat after the water is boiled.
– Put the soaked fish maw into the pot and tightly covered with the lid. Wait until the water cools down.
– Take out the fish maw and rinse with clean water then it is now ready for cooking.
Thaw each time before serving.